Feb. 19, 2010

We Have a Winner!

Thank you to the more than 13,000 people (including our waiter at Momofuku) who voted online for their favorite stories in Episode 400: "Stories Pitched by Our Parents." Polls have closed, the ballots have been counted, and the winner is... Robyn Semien! 3,593 people voted for Robyn's story about her dad's electronically controlled car.

Staff favorite Lisa Pollak trailed closely behind, with 3,038 listeners voting for her story about funny funerals. Parents of both producers will receive free trips to visit their kids.

Here are the complete results, in order of ascending votes:

  • Ira Glass' story about the suit - 147 votes (1.1%)
  • Sarah Koenig's really short story about her daughter wondering why her Jewish grandmother celebrates Christmas (podcast only) - 178 votes (1.3%)
  • Alissa Shipp's 16-second story about her Bubby saying she's bored (podcast only) - 243 votes (1.8%)
  • Alex Blumberg's story about corporations being treated as individuals - 1,173 votes (8.9%)
    Note, we interrupted this story on the show, but you can listen to the whole thing here.
  • Nancy Updike's story about the Erie Canal - 1,910 votes (14.5%)
    Want to listen to that catchy song again?
  • Jane Feltes' story about the university in Haiti - 2,921 votes (22.1%)
  • Lisa Pollak's story about funny funerals - 3,038 votes (23.0%)
  • Robyn Semien's story about her dad's car invention - 3,593 votes (27.2%)

Oh and if it were in the running, we bet Julie Snyder's This American Life jingle would have gotten some votes.