December 15, 2023

Stand Clear of the Closing Doors

In the last year and a half, New York City has scrambled to try and provide shelter and services to over 150,000 migrants. We take a look at how that’s going.

Michael M. Santiago / Getty Images

Note: The internet version of this episode contains un-beeped curse words. BEEPED VERSION.



In the middle of the night, host Ira Glass meets a woman on a mission at Port Authority bus station. (13 minutes)

Act One

No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn

Producer Valerie Kipnis follows a group of people who’ve just arrived at their new home, a tent shelter in the middle of nowhere. (11 minutes)

Reporting help from Jika Gonzalez.

Act Two

150 Days of Bummer

Producer Diane Wu talks to an asylum seeker trying to hustle his way through bureaucratic limbo. (11 minutes)

Act Three

Lullaby of Broadway

Host Ira Glass meets some of the city’s newest arrivals in every New Yorker’s least favorite place. (9 minutes)

Act Four

The New Kids

Three girls, whose families traveled thousands of miles to get to New York, navigate their latest challenge: American middle school. (11 minutes)